The automotive world is quickly approaching a crossroads, and an all-electric future is no longer looking like the path less traveled. Volkswagen Group has taken the veil off and fully disclosed its intentions as an international force, and the Volkswagen concept models* are at the forefront of this upcoming revolution in the timeless German automaker's lineup. Four distinct all-electric vehicles ultimately have one goal in mind: to eliminate emissions and set course for a greener outlook. The sales professionals at Fred Beans Volkswagen of Doylestown want you to feast your eyes on the Volkswagen concept vehicles coming down the pike: the Volkswagen ID., the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ, the Volkswagen ID. CROZZ, and the Volkswagen ID. VIZZION. Let's take a look at what these future-thinking automobiles have in store.


Volkswagen ID.

Introduced back in 2016, the concept Volkswagen ID. is now less a fevered dream of visionaries and inching closer to reality. The warm embrace of the future by the Volkswagen ID. include a retractable steering wheel to augment the sense of space. The openness of the cabin is further amplified by placing the motor on the rear axle and the battery within the floor. The HUD Active Info Display, fully Digital Key, and full smartphone integration for driver settings, temperature control, and music playlists were all revealed as concepts. The Active Info Display was particularly striking, as it eliminates the need for a busy dashboard by introducing an all-screen interface. Say good-bye to buttons, toggles, dials, and switches! Oh, by the way, the Volkswagen ID. comes with a 125 kW electric motor, an anticipated 370-mile range on a single charge, and is slated to launch in 2020. Contact us to keep in touch about the release date.


Volkswagen ID. BUZZ

The palpable buzz is that of nostalgia. Volkswagen is attempting to ignite the passion of a brand-new generation of Volkswagen Microbus fans with the spectacular Volkswagen ID. BUZZ, which begins production in 2022. The classic two-tone paint, the modern LED strip that runs the width of the vehicle, and the never-before-seen hexagonal LED headlights that serve as smart "eyes" are the perfect blend of the past, present, and future. The electric motor is forecasted to produce 369 horsepower, it will have lounge seating in the rear, and the retractable steering wheel were all shown on this Volkswagen concept model. "Groovy," indeed!


Volkswagen ID. CROZZ

People love crossover and SUV models. So does Volkswagen. So, naturally, an SUV model was not hard to envision as Volkswagen marches toward its all-electric destiny. The Volkswagen ID. CROZZ fills the need for those looking for more practicality from their vehicle. Similar in size to the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Volkswagen ID. CROZZ is powered by a robust 302-horsepower electric motor, capable of reaching 80 percent charge in 30 minutes while also hitting a 112-MPH top speed on its all-wheel drivetrain. The retractable steering wheel was shown on the concept model, as was the Active Info Display. The spotlight abilities of the LED headlights were also touted, along with an on-demand autopilot system.

Volkswagen ID. VIZZION

The most radical Volkswagen concept, the one making the biggest departure from the way we envision vehicles, comes in the form of the Volkswagen ID. VIZZION. This sedan model with an autonomous "digital chauffeur" was revealed in 2018, and though production is still years away, it provides a tantalizing glimpse into the driverless future. The Volkswagen ID. VIZZION is being designed to be manipulated via voice and gesture controls and display vehicle data through augmented reality glasses, which is actually closer to reality rather than science fiction. The aerodynamic and seamless exterior design with no B-pillar, 8,000 HD Matrix LED headlights, and 111-kW battery pack with a 300-mile range are all there to keep you moving forward.

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