Volkswagen Oil Changes in Doylestown, PA

Whether you're driving your VW Taos around Perkasie, transporting your loved ones around Dublin in a VW Atlas, or cruising through Doylestown in a Volkswagen Jetta, eventually, you'll need to have the oil changed. If you have a gasoline-powered vehicle, oil changes are a must for your car maintenance and should be performed often.

Why Does My Volkswagen Need an Oil Change?

The oil in your Volkswagen vehicle's engine accomplishes multiple tasks, with the three most important being lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. As it works, it will start to degrade, becoming too dirty, thick, or thin along the way. If left unchanged, the degraded oil can cause a larger engine issue, requiring a more expensive engine repair.

When Should I Change the Oil in My Volkswagen?

The timeline for oil changes varies for each vehicle, but the average is between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. If the oil change light appears, though, you should have it checked and changed as soon as possible.


What Happens During an Oil Change?


When one of our certified Volkswagen technicians changes your car's oil and filter, they'll first drain the old oil and remove the dirty filter. After a quick inspection of the area, they will add a fresh filter and new oil into the engine, making sure it's the right oil and filter for your vehicle.


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