Volkswagen is on the precipice of a new era, so is the German automaker's ubiquitous logo. Beginning mid-2020, Volkswagen Group will be rebranding its flagship automobile company with a fresh new logo. It is reflective of the simplicity of the current design world and also reflective of a journey toward simplifying or eliminating emissions with the introduction of the Volkswagen ID.3. This modern approach to the logo design is in line with the brand's venture into the all-electric vehicle market.

"The new brand design marks the start of the new era for Volkswagen," said Jürgen Stackmann in a 2019 press release; he is a member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales. "By formulating new content and with new products, the brand is undergoing a fundamental transformation towards a future with a neutral emission balance for everyone. Now is the right time to make the new attitude of our brand visible to the outside world."

The refreshed Volkswagen logo is stripped down to its essential elements, particularly the "V" and "W" stack, and is designed to be more two-dimensional. More color variations beyond the dark blue and white are also on the docket, opening up another chapter of brand recognition for VW. The rebranding initiative stands as one of the most significant projects of this type of all time within the automotive industry. There are 171 markets in 154 countries where VW models are sold, and 10,000-plus dealerships and service centers around the world will also replace around 70,000 logos. Fred Beans Volkswagen of Doylestown invites you to keep in touch with us to find out when we will be deploying the rebranding, so call or contact us today!


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